Things You Need To Know While Hiring The Professional Packing Services In Adelaide For Your Move

Will Movers Move A Single Item

You might not have any idea what is the quantity of stuff present in your home, and you might get surprised at the time of packing all of that. We all are familiar with the fact that packing takes time even though you have minimal stuff. While packing, some objects can take you in the past memory and will slow down your process. The packing of objects plays a large role in completing any move. Thus it is better to outsource any professional for packing all your belongings.

Yes, it is a good point that we are surrounded by a large number of professional removalists that can easily pack all the belongings with perfection. The professional packing service includes organizing, covering, packing everything in boxes from clothes to fine arts paintings. They do every work with complete perfection.

If this sounds interesting to you and you are planning to hire a professional packing service, then here we are describing some points that you should consider, i.e. cost, time, reliability and other things.

What Packing Companies Provide for Moving

So what are the things that professional packing service providers provide? Like other services, professional packing services are easily customizable. Most of the companies divide their packing service into several levels.

What Packing Companies Provide for Moving

  • Basic Package

The professional packing company sent their trained packers to the desired location, no matter what the number of items had to be packed. They will take care of the item completely that has to be packed. This type of packing service is inexpensive and affordable. The basic packages cover only some fragile items in their list such as TV, china dishes and glassware or anything like this. You can term this type of packing service as an entry-level service. It is inexpensive and really beneficial while moving as you don’t have to take the stress of packing all your fragile items.

  • Per Room Packing Service

Do you just need professionals to pack your kitchen only? Or do your requirements include both kitchen and storeroom belongings? To fulfil this demand, professionals provide per room packing service. This service offers you a convenient way to pack your most hectic room, and you can offload your packing work. It is the best way if you want to save money along with getting your objects packed professionally. You can pack the rest of the objects on your own.

  • Full House Packing Service

Under this service, professionals pack every object of your home, from small objects (silverware spoon) to the largest one (refrigerator). However, it is an expensive service, but it offers you peace and perfection. Your complete home belonging would be packed easily within one or two days without creating a disturbance to you. You don’t even need to pick a single box. Everything would be packed with utmost care.

Full House Packing Service

Besides selecting the type of packing service, you can also discuss the packing materials that either they can use their own material, or you will provide them with desired packing boxes and other things from your side. It may seem that it will be cheaper to provide the materials from your side, but it will be better to use the specialized packing boxes that professionals have for the secure and reliable moving of your objects.

What Is The Cost Of Professional Packing Service?

Needless to say that the cost of professional packing will be more than the normal Do It Yourself. But it never implies that professional packing services are unaffordable or luxurious. You can enjoy the professional packing services with a budget-friendly package of Pro Removalists Adelaide. You will be surprised by our amazing service and budget-friendly price.

What Is The Cost Of Professional Packing Service

The cost of packing service depends on the type of packing service you want to experience. Firstly you have to decide what level of service you require. If you go with the full house packing service, then you need to pay extra as compared to one room packing service. Some of the moving companies reduce the price of their packing if booked on an hourly basis. Also, it will be helpful for you if you book some extra time so that everything can be done smoothly.

The prices of packing services will vary from company to company. But on average the cost lies in between &30 to &45 per hour. Other things such as location, friendly packing alternative, reusable boxes and other things contribute to deciding the actual cost.

So what will be the estimated price that a user may be charged?

We are describing expected prices on the basis of the number of rooms in the home.

One Bedroom Home: The cost of packing belonging to a one-bedroom home lies in between $200-500 if you provide packing materials from your side with your own boxes, and it will get increased if they will use their packing material.

Two-Bedroom Home: The cost to pack two-bedroom homes will be between $450 to $650 without packing material, and it will be $650+ with professionals packing materials.

Three-Bedroom Home: The cost of moving three bedrooms will be somewhat $600 to $750, and additional cost of the packing material is also required.

Four-Bedroom home: Its cost will be between $750-1000. And with the additional packing boxes, it will become $1200+.

However, these costs are not the fixed ones. They will change depending on other influencing factors. However, you can hire professional packers of Pro Removalists Adelaide to enjoy a budget-friendly packing service. The cost we have estimated above is not the final one. They will vary with other influencing factors.

You might hear different packages from different packing crews. So the best way to get the estimated amount for your requirement, you can ask any of the packers to walk to your home and check the required number of boxes for packing the treasure of your house. After doing a complete assessment, they will be able to provide you with the exact price that you need to pay to get the work done.

Points You Need To Consider While Hiring Packing Service

By now, you must have understood that hiring professionals will cost you money, but it is also true that your packing process will be done easily. But to get the best service you need to consider some more points.

  • Insurance

While packing the fragile items, if you pack them incorrectly and they break, then it is said that it’s your bad luck. But when professionals pack the belongings, and they get broken, then those objects are covered in insurance.

Then there is a chance that you might get some money in reimbursement.

  • Privacy

Professional packing service providers will get access to everything in your home. Thus it is very necessary that professionals maintain complete privacy with your information. They will be having access to your important objects; thus, if you are not comfortable that any stranger should pack your personal belongings, then you should avoid hiring professional packers.

  • Additional Costs

It is well known to you that hiring professionals is not cheap, so if you are on a tight budget, then you should not spend that funds on professionals. You can pack your belongings by yourself and spend funds on moving services, paying an instalment of a new home, buying new furniture and other additional work. If you want to save your money on the moving process, then you can contact Pro Removalist Adelaide. We will help you to move safely and timely.

  • Unpacking Services

The last consideration you need to make is to check whether they will help you in unpacking the boxes or not. You can ask them about unpacking services. But you should keep this point in mind that they will not keep every object at the right place where you desire.


It is best to hire professionals to make your packing and moving process much easier. Professionals are equipped with desired skills and tools that help them to easily complete the moving process. But you should also consider your budget and decide accordingly. You can get a budget-friendly relocation service with Pro Removalists Adelaide. We are here to provide the best moving service under your budget. Get in touch with us for more information.