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Single Item Move Service In Adelaide

Wondering how to move your boats, sofas and other single items that may entail a lot of labor and time. Do you struggle to find someone who can help you move your single items effortlessly? Are you searching for single item moving services in Adelaide, either locally or interstate? We are one of Australia’s most reputable single-item movers in Adelaide. Our movers are highly trained and competent in moving any kind of home object, including your bed, wardrobe, and gorgeous dining table. To provide the safest relocation service to our clients in Adelaide, Pro Removalist uses the finest of the best packing materials and handling equipment.

For the last 10 years, Pro Removalist has been offering single item removals, Adelaide. More than 3000 residential and commercial goods have been moved to Adelaide by our skilled and efficient movers. So, whether you need to move your precious things locally or interstate, Pro Removalist is ready to assist you with single item removals Adelaide from door to door. In this way, we offer you the best single-item moving services in Adelaide.

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We Specialize in

Furniture Removals

Furniture Removals Adelaide

Forget the hassle of moving your furniture from one place to another by hiring the removalists of Pro Removalists Adelaide. Our movers can move every type of furniture with zero damage.


House Removals Adelaide

Pro Removalists offer a complete range of door to door removals services in Adelaide. Whether you need local, state or interstate house relocation service, we are ready to help you.


Piano & Pool Table Removals

The hefty weight of the piano and pool table makes it hard to move from one location to another. However, we know the right way of packing, loading and delivering it to the destination.

Packing and Unpacking

Packing and Unpacking

We use advanced packing materials and moving boxes to pack and transport your belongings carefully. Our trained professional packers also take the advice of the clients for the satisfactory packing of the belongings.

What Will do it Cost to Single Item Removals in Adelaide?

The cost of moving a single item totally depends on the type of item that needs to be moved. Depending on the type, whether it is furniture, washing machine, pizza oven, piano, spa tub, sofa set, couch, fridge, or any other single heavy-weighted item. The average cost of moving a single item varies on such factors and the time consumed to do the job. Pro Removalist Adelaide estimated charge is $60- $70 per hour and may change according to the type of item that needs to be relocated. Check out more information about Single Item Moving tips here.

What We Move?

Boat Relocation: Pro Removalist Adelaide provides quick and professional boat removal services. We’ve been moving yachts for 7 years and have transported over 200 cities. Our movers have a lot of experience moving boats to their final destination. Everything from dismantling your boat at your current location to reassembling it at your new one is covered by our boat moving service.  Our single item movers in Adelaide will transport your boat properly. Our professional boat movers take extra care while transporting your vessel. They also guarantee that none of your car’s components are damaged or destroyed.

Car Relocation: Pro Removalist Adelaide offers fast and skilled car removals. We have 10 years of experience and have moved over 300 cars. Our movers are well-versed in transporting cars to your chosen location. Our car relocation service includes everything from disassembling your car at your present location to reassembling it at your new one. While moving your car, our expert car movers take particular precautions. They also ensure that all the parts of your car are not ruined or harmed.

Sofa Relocation: Pro Removalist Adelaide can assist you with the removal of any kind of sofa, from armchairs to whole three-piece suites. You may book a couch removalist on our website who will take care of every stage of the disposal procedure. You may also leave the couch outside your home for contactless pickup. Customize your couch removal and disposal service to your specifications.

Motorcycle Relocation:
Pro Removalist Adelaide, professional motorcycle movers, can arrange for the transportation of your motorbike from and to almost any location in Adelaide. We transport motorcycles to more places than any other company in the industry. Our courteous team is prepared to make the process simpler than you anticipate through straightforward communication and old-fashioned service. From one door to the next or depot to depot. Keeping the whole procedure safe and straightforward enables us to execute it properly and efficiently.

Wardrobe Relocation: We all know that wardrobe relocation is one of the most tedious jobs. You don’t have to be concerned since moving large things is tough but not impossible. Hiring expert wardrobe removalists in Adelaide is a straightforward and safe method to move your almirah.

Our Methods and Procedures

Furniture Removals


Need a budget-friendly removalist for your next relocation? Then, you can easily request us obligation-free quotes. Depending upon your requirements and demands, we provide free quotes for the desired services. Pro Removalists Adelaide offers the most competitive services that will not burn a hole in your pocket. You can contact us at 0492 001 001 for quotes.



Once you find that our quotes are reasonable to you, you can book our relocation service. We are always available to move every type of object from one location to another. Our experienced team of movers always goes the extra mile to offer the best possible experience. In addition, Pro Removalists Adelaide is equipped with industry-leading logistics technology to provide smooth and simple moves to customers.


Meet Our Experts.

Our removalists will arrive at your current address at the scheduled time and date to start the reaction process. We believe in friendly communication that will make you comfortable throughout the entire process of relocation. We fulfil our commitment to bring a sweet smile to the face of our customers. Our experience and latest moving tools give us the confidence to complete all types of moves on time and without any damage.

Why Should You Choose Us?


Service In Schedule

Pro Removalists Adelaide works in a schedule convenient to its consumers.


Accurate Valuation

The valuation provided by us would be accurate and precisely suited to customer needs.


Insurance Plan

We give you insurance to ensure zero damage for our customers' valuable belongings.


No-Hassle Services

There is no hustle on the moving day leading to smooth packing and moving of consumers essentials.


Dependable & Effective

Pro Removalists Adelaide focuses on the smooth and stress free move for its consumers.


Will your Movers help in moving a single piece of Furniture?
Sometimes you need to move an entire house. Other times, it’s just about a single item that needs to be moved. You might need a Removalist for such heavy, fragile, and awkward-shaped items. Or the staircase can be steep or narrow which may be a big hurdle that you can face while shifting.
In such cases, even if it is a single item you need to hire Removalists. This is the time when single item movers come in who are specialized in mini moves and offer these services. Pro Removalists Adelaide is the right choice for a single item move service. Contact us now online.
What are single-item movers?
Single item movers are the removalists who are basically specialized in moving single heavy-weighted, fragile, or delicate items. Our single item movers are so professional in small loads, especially in packing, transporting, and unpacking things.
Pro Removalists Adelaide offers very affordable and flexible services and doesn’t even charge any extra cost for relocating your things. The single items that are moved like fridge, furniture, sofa set,piano, washing machine, couch, pizza ovens, and many more such things.
Can I hire professional movers to move a single item?
Professional movers of Pro Removalists Adelaide are ready to move all types of household items and take all kinds of moving jobs. If we talk about the other moving companies they deny you to move a single item during the peak seasons. But Pro Removalists Adelaide is right there for your help to relocate your single heavy-weighted and fragile items. We even charge affordable prices for moving. We charge according to the distance and the weight of the item we are relocating. There are several moving companies which will doge you with high prices but you need to choose the right one for you.
How should I move one piece of furniture locally?
Whether you need to move one piece of furniture locally, you find it difficult to do so. It may be a large appliance, a valuable antique, or some other special item that needs to be moved in your local area.
Without hesitating you can contact Pro Removalist Adelaide for a single item relocation. We assure you the best bet for moving a single item of furniture to your home or anywhere in your area. We have a team of the best professionals who are specialized in this task and also use the moving equipment and expert moving skills. Not only this, we will never ask you for any extra prices as we will charge you according to the time consumed to do the job.