How to Move a Couch/Lounge Interstate

Will Movers Move A Single Item

Have you decided to make an interstate move? Relocation of heavy stuff or safety of your favorite things troubling you? There are many factors to consider while making an interstate move, but the most important of them is your time, budget, and right decision. 

People go for different ways that are convenient to them while making a move. Some decide to put bulky items on sale to save some expenses on relocation cost, saving money to buy new things for a new home. In contrast, others decide to take their stuff with them irrespective of whether they are heavy or not. Every decision has its pros and cons. Though you decide to sell your couch or lounge, you have to spend on the delivery of it, and if you plan to put it for sale online, you have to spend plenty on its marketing. Think twice before selling a couch or a lounge; if you have enough time and amount to spend, advertise your possession. Will the selling amount cover the marketing costs along with the cost of a new couch or lounge? If the answer to all the questions is ‘yes,’ then go for the sale of that possession. In case it’s a No, below is a guide prepared for your convenience to relocate a couch or a lounge.

Planning Your Relocation

Once you have decided to relocate your couch or lounge instead of selling it, you have to look for ways to move your heavy possessions. The best way is to prepare a checklist so you can make a hassle-free and comfortable move.

Planning Your Relocation

It is twice more effective to relocate your furniture or heavy belongings through professional movers and packers than doing it on your own. It is quite difficult to move huge items through doors, and you can’t alone move them. Trained professionals will dismantle all the heavy possessions and ensure the safe relocation of your couch or lounge. You have to rest, and the whole thing will be dismantled, packed, moved, delivered and unpacked by the expert team.

Hiring Affordable & Best Truck/Van

The best way to save money on the interstate move is borrowing a truck or van from a friend or relative if any one of them has. Another way is to hire a professional truck service. You will save money on different aspects like a man to load and unload and paying for truck service separately. Professional removalists will include everything in their services. You just have to enter your routes, complete the form, and we’ll try our best to provide you with services that best suit your requirements and budget.

Assembling The Couch/Lounge For A Move

Once you have hired professional truck services, then you have to plan the relocation of your couch or lounge. The best way to move heavy possessions like furniture is to dismantle them initially, and it will help in shifting around the compact and stiff spaces.

Assembling The Couch

You must ensure to clean your couch either with a vacuum cleaner or scrub the cushioning cloth. It is one of the safety features of preserving your couch; also, it will give you a feel of a new couch at your new home. Never forget to cover your couch or lounge to safeguard it from moisture, dust and scratches during relocation. Covering your couch with a dust sheet or protective blanket using packing tape or a shrink wrap will best serve the purpose. Be careful that, in most cases, furniture dismantling directions mean furniture mantling directions followed backward.


Your couch or lounge is ready to move now! You can use all the above information to dismantle, pack and move your couch or lounge safely and securely. Pro Removalists Adelaide comprises a professional team trained to move your precious and heavy belongings with expert methods. Quickly book your move or contact us for any queries, and we are here to assist you!