Do You Cover Local Suburbs Of Adelaide?

Pro Removalists have built a strong reputation in the field of the removalists industry. We offer safe, secure and quality moving services all across Adelaide. Our professionals cover all corners of Adelaide, whether Norwood, Salisbury, Glenelg, Kensington or so on.

Do I Have To Be Present At The Time Of Moving?

It is not necessary for you to be present at the time of packing and moving the objects, but it will be good for you. It is because you will be able to know how work has been done and which item is placed in which box. If you are not available, you can ask your family member or friends to be present at the site so that work can be done accordingly.

Do You Offer An Insurance Facility For Our Moving Goods?

Yes, Pro Removalists Adelaide offers complete insurance to your belongings. We cover all standard terms and conditions that we have mentioned in our work policy. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your treasures with Pro Removalists Adelaide.

What Is The Cost Of Moving The House?

The cost of moving house depends on several factors. The size, type and stuff you need to move from one place to another, the distance between origin and destination, etc., all things contribute to the cost of moving. Our surveyors will visit your address and offer you the quotation after doing a complete inspection. You can give us a call at 0492 001 001 to schedule a visit. 

Is it necessary for me to inform the removalists about the heavy objects that need to be moved?
Ensuring the safest and best-moving means that you need to be prepared prior to the move. You must give an advanced warning about the heavy-weighted items to your removalist. So that, they can manage accordingly. You can also provide the list of heavy-weight items to the removalist. These items may include the moving of:

  • Microwave Oven
  • Snooker Table, Tennis Table
  • Plant Pots
  • Grand Pianos
  • Furniture Items 
Don’t get fooled by the extremely cheap hourly rates.
No moving company will provide you the exact rate of moving as the removalist charges according to the time or distance it takes to move. Some Removalist mention the low prices to get your job and after the work ask for additional charges in order to make money.
There is a minimum rate of $10 per half hour asked by any removalist. Pro Removalists Adelaide offers moving services at genuine and lowest prices. So, don’t get fooled by any dishonest moving companies.
Is the Perfect 5 Star Moving Company trustworthy?
Just going through the reviews is a great way to observe if the removalist is perfect for you or not. If you are going through the review from the platforms like google, product review, and such platforms then you can trust them as these platforms ensure that the reviews are from the genuine people who actually availed the services.
Pro Removalists Adelaide advises you to be careful while choosing the right moving services as there are no. reviews with 5-star ratings on the internet which can be faked. Suppose if there is a company rated 5 stars that can actually give fake ratings. Because sometimes problems arise naturally like, the truck may break down, damage things while moving or anything which rarely attracts the 5 stars ratings. The companies with 4.5 or above ratings are actually perfect for you. Be careful of the fraudulent removalists.
What if I need to change my pick-up or delivery date?
Yes, sure. You can definitely change the pickup and delivery date, but you need to inform the Removalist as soon as you can so that we can arrange and reschedule the moving services accordingly. Contact us anytime!!
Can you help in moving interstate?

Yes, and with complete perfection so that you can enjoy moving with us. Pro Removalists Adelaide covers entire corners and cities of Adelaide. Our removalists are available to offer local, state and interstate moves on the day and time you require. To know more about our exceptional moving services, you can give us a call at 0492 001 001.

What Do I Have To Do If I Need To Reschedule My Moving Date?

There is no issue with that, but you should inform us of such circumstances 48 hours prior to the moving date so that we can plan something else. Also, you can ask for the new date and time that is appropriate for you for relocation. We work around your schedule to deliver the best service.

Is My Furniture And Goods Safe During Moving?

Pro Removalists Adelaide is well equipped with the skills and experience to offer damage-free furniture and goods relocation services. Your belongings would be delivered safely to your destination. Our Adelaide removalists make the best utilization of the moving truck space at the time of loading so that everything can be kept perfectly. We use padded blankets, shrink wrap for moving the fragile items.

How Much Will Your Local Move Cost?
Local Movers charge according to the time it will take to move your items. No removalist company will provide you with the fixed price list. It is actually good if the movers cost you according to the time consuming as it gives the flexibility to use as many services according to the need and budget.
The major factors that determine the cost of moving. The obstacles that we may find like stairs, steep driveways, elevators, no parking in front of the residence, and many more may automatically slow down the time taken to load and unload the stuff. Other factors like moving many pot plants, piano, flower vase and many more such items which are carried one at a time and consume a lot of time.
Do you offer box packing and unpacking included in your Moving Services?
Usually packing and unpacking of boxes are not included. But if you are willing to avail of this service you can contact us a day or two before the scheduled shift so that we can arrange it for you.
In case you are willing to do the packing and unpacking of boxes on your own which is obviously a difficult task and consumes a lot of time, you can start the packing of boxes a few days before the move. Suppose, if you don’t want any hassle then you can simply book Pro Removalist Adelaide, we will do it for you. Contact us anytime and also get a free quote.
How Do You Move The Heavy And Fragile Items?
Moving heavy and fragile items is quite a difficult task as it needs special care while shifting. No movers expect that you must have kept the original box of those items with you. Pro Removalist Adelaide will obviously bring special cardboard boxes along with them which helps to shift your things safely. Or, you can also protect it by wrapping it in a blanket or taping it. If you want more assurance of your items, you can purchase the insurance moving policy which is very affordable that will cover the damages of your valuable items like the fridge, piano, pizza ovens, washing machines in case of an accident.
Is it possible for you to keep my items till the next day?
It depends on the volume of items you are shifting and the mode that is used to shift the items. Some of the removalists delay the delivery in order to charge extra fees from the clients.
Is it possible if I cancel the appointment?
Yes, you can cancel the appointment within 48 hours of the booking. And if the date is more than two weeks away then you can cancel it and get the whole refund at a time.