Things To Remember While Departing From Your Rental Property

Moving out of a rental apartment can be a nerve-racking experience. Of course, no one wants to move to a new place worrying about what’s happening behind. So it is highly recommended to settle the old one in order to fully enjoy the new one. All the tenants want their security deposit back as and when they leave the old rental property but not all landlords part their ways harmoniously. Therefore a tenant should always vacate his/her rental apartment in sound condition so there may be no disagreement between the two. Here is a list of certain things that the tenant must keep in mind before leaving the rental property in order to avoid a dispute between the two. After making all the important points, you can plan your local or interstate move

  • Scrutinize the Clauses of your Rent Agreement-

Analysing your rental contract a couple of months before you leave is always considered a smart and wise act. You must go through all the clauses of the contract in order to check that you are abiding by them all. You must not give any chance to the landlord to make deductions from your security deposit. If there are any repairs and alterations to be made, try to wind it up before leaving in order to avoid a last-minute quarrel.

  • Executing Necessary Maintenance and Repairs –

Make sure to clean and repair the necessary areas of the rental property before you hand it over to the landlord. Fix all the damages and inconvenience caused by you or your pets in the home and mend the holes drilled by you in the house, fix all the leaking pipes, broken appliances, cracked walls and other significant issues. You can also hire a cleaning company to professionally clean and mend your home so you don’t have to spend separately on the repairs of the house. 

  • Clearing all the dues-

Ensure to clear all the past payments for the services availed by you like electricity bill, water bill, or any extra services taken by you. Check the flooring, windowsills and other parts of the house that need more attention, and get all the repairs and fittings done. Clearing all the past dues before leaving the house will increase the chances of you getting a security deposit on time without any deductions.

  • Giving Satisfactory Notice Period-

You must gently inform the landlord prior sometime before leaving the rental property. If you do not tell the landlord prior before leaving the house, he/she will not get another tenant on time leading to a loss in his/her rental income. Hence, it will always be ideal to inform the landlord prior as mentioned in your contract in order to avoid any deductions and rifts in your relationships.

  • Scheduling a Pre-Inspection with Landlord- 

You should always conduct a final inspection with the landlord in order to check any damages and issues caused due to your mismanagement. Whenever it comes to inspection, the main objective of this pre-inspection is to check if everything is in proper condition and the property is well maintained. Prior inspection with the landlord will give a satisfactory note to both you as well as to the landlord that only particular things need to mend simultaneously leading to a cut in your repairing costs.

Departing from the old house and moving to a new location is an exhausting and stressful process as you have to go through hundreds of things before you finally reach and enjoy your new location. But by following all the above parameters you can smoothly vacate your old rental apartment without any deduction in your security deposit and enjoy a smooth move with the right movers like Pro Removalists Adelaide in order to move with zero damage to your possessions as well as your rented apartments.