House Moving Checklist-2021

Are you planning to move to a new house? Excited about the new place? But frightened at the same time about what schedule to follow to wind up the moving cycle? A pretty scary to-do- list is waiting for you. A lot to plan, organize, staff, clean in very little time. Here is a moving checklist scheduling your work, to avoid stress, exertion, and menace on a moving day.

Whether you are planning to hire professional removalists to move or planning to follow up the DIY process, this list can help you to plan an exertion-free move!

Below is a common catalog you must stick to, in order to avoid chaos and mismanagement. 

  • The first and foremost thing you should do is to decide whether you are hiring professional removalists for your moving or going to follow a DIY move. Hiring a removalists team would prove to be fruitful in terms of packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, etc. We recommend you to use a removalist cost calculator in order to get a cheap cost along with quality services.
  • No matter what, remember to start early. You should start planning and executing things 4-6 weeks prior to the moving date. 
  • Update your address in banks, cell phone companies, credit cards, subscription services, family and friends prior to moving.
  • Try to give prior calls to change your billing services, newspapers, periodicals to your new house.
  • Make sure your new house is ready and in a state to receive your essentials.
  • Begin using minor or perishable stuff such as grocery or food items in order to cut your moving cost and avoid unnecessarily.
  • It is highly recommended to gather all the essential documents such as insurance papers, medical records, etc in one place in order to avoid loss of any important document.

After the general checklist, comes your table of contents which include the following.

  • Things to-do prior 4-6 weeks of moving
  • Things to do prior to a week of moving
  • Things to do on the of moving
  • What to do after you have moved in?

Things To-do Prior 4-6 Weeks Of Moving

Although you have hired professional removalists, there would always remain certain things that would require your assistance to be completed. Below is a checklist that gives an idea regarding the work that needs to be done at least six weeks prior to moving to your new place.

  • Get quotations from different removalists organisations in order to select the cheap and best for you.
  • After going through all the quotations, book a removalist team for you. So you can be in peace that you have your back for the moving day.
  • Ask for moving transit insurance from the booked firm. Also, get your household insurance done for the new place.
  • Book for yourselves car transport in advance. Also, book transport for your pets in order to avoid any disorder on the final day.
  • Start cooking all the food items kept in your refrigerator along with using all the open packets in the kitchen. Dispose of all the items that are no longer to be used or have met their expiry date.
  • Start preparing the inventory list by noting down all the dents and scratches.
  • Start disposing of the flammable liquids.
  • Confirm with your real estate agent regarding the date and collection of keys. Also, give notice to the landlord of your current house.
  • It’s time to start packing your possessions and making a plan on how you will be going to carry your jewellery and essential documents.
  • Schedule the required repairs along with setting up utilities at your new home.
  •  Book professional staff of packers to assist you otherwise arrange the packing materials including moving boxes, fragile warning tape, sharpies, bubble wrap, dolly, etc.

Things To Do Prior To A Week Of Moving

  • Keep your bed linens, towels, curtains aside. You may need them as soon as possible.
  • Back your important hard disk. Take out memory cards from your cameras and keep them safe.
  • Drain your house in order to avoid any leakage during the moving day.
  • Confirm your new address, contact number, packing and unpacking requirements, tools, payment options, and other details with your Removalists
  • If you are working from home, inform your company and clients about the move and update them with your new address and apply for leaves in advance to avoid any discrepancy.
  • Conduct a formal inspection of your new house. Meanwhile, also arrange for the parking facility for your removalist’s vehicle.
  • Get over with your packing-
  • Check jars and lids to avoid any spills
  • Vertically pack the plates
  • Drain oil and petrol from equipment

Moving Day Checklist

  • Give a comprehensive tour with detailed instructions to the removalists.
  • Return the old house key to a new tenant or real estate agent.
  • Leave a note for deliverers or mail and make sure the house is secured.
  • Note down the meter readings.
  • Note down all the important numbers. 
  • Cross-check all the essentials once it’s loaded in the van or truck.
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Turn off all the electrical appliances like fridge, hot water system, etc

After You Have Moved In

After you have relocated to your new house, the first few days might seem to be disturbing with all the cartons and boxes packed. But need not worry, instead, take a sigh of relief at the successful completion of months of planning. While you have moved to your new house, the below-mentioned checklist will help you to differentiate between high priority and low priority work.

  • Take pictures of utility meters.
  • Check all the inventory before unpacking and then sign accordingly. Inform removalist company if anything has been misplaced.
  • Don’t unpack everything in a single day.
  • Check the washrooms and do a basic clean-up. Lay down your toiletries and toothbrushes neatly for the next day.
  • Activate your telephones and plug-in essential appliances.
  • Unpack and arrange your kitchen first. Rest can wait! Start with 1-2 boxes at a time, to avoid clutter and chaos. This will make the process efficient and effortless.
  • Rearrange all essential deliveries like milk, newspaper, supermarket grocery and subscriptions
  • Note down all emergency contact numbers like doctors, taxis, vets, etc.

You can accomplish a stress-free and effective move by following all of the above checklists. The major thing to be focused on is not to expect everything done in a single day, as this can end up being depressing. Moving, whether interstate or intrastate, is a hectic and intimidating task if not planned well and achieved well. You might have to work hard and then manage to achieve it well. But with a professional and well-trained removalist team, your work can become ten times less hectic than it would have been. So if you are planning a move, follow the above checklists for different periods of time and plan a schedule accordingly and enjoy a comfortable, refreshing and stress-free move! 

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